How to Add YouTube Video Thumbnails as Featured Images in WordPress

Our popular WordPress - YouTube plugin can now automatically grab the thumbnail of the first video you embed in each post/page and set the image as the featured image shown on your blog home. The plugin provides each post/page with the highest quality possible featured image available from the YouTube API; i.e. 480x360. However, the sizing of the thumbnails is handled by your theme, so if you have a responsive theme, the images will be handled accordingly.

If you've downloaded the plugin, activate the feature by going PRO here. You can also take a look at the sample images below that have been generated using the plugin and even watch the video at the bottom to see the plugin in action.

Sample using Expound Theme
Sample using Just Write Theme
Sample using Twenty-Fourteen Theme

If you've downloaded the plugin, activate the thumbnail feature by going PRO here. Finally, this feature is not to be confused with the playlist and channel gallery support that is also provided by the plugin.