Migrate from YouTube Advanced Embed to EmbedPlus For YouTube

Unfortunately, Google has deprecated an important API that allowed us to provide several of the advanced features of the "YouTube Advanced Embed" plugin (like 3rd-party annotations, chapters, and clickable links). We strongly recommend that you deactivate "YouTube Advanced Embed" and install our other popular YouTube plugin for embedding mobile-friendly HTML5 videos, galleries, and playlists. By just checking a box in its settings, you will even automatically migrate your past embeds to the HTML5 player. (Your video start times and end times will be ported, but your 3rd-party annotations, chapters, and clickable links cannot be migrated however.) If you already have a Pro license key, you can use it to activate the Pro features of the recommended plugin at no extra charge.

After you install our other plugin, deactivate the old advanced one. Then go to the "YouTube" settings page, and scroll down to:
Compatability > Check "Migrate Shortcodes" > Check "YouTube Advanced Embed".